What is the Best Hour Performance, or Hour Record?

The Hour record is the record for the greatest distance traveled by an individual cyclist, in 60 minutes, from a standing start, on a closed circuit such as a velodrome.

Is there a list of current Hour records?

The UCI maintains a list of cycling records, including Elite, Masters and Para-athletic cyclists, for both men and women.  Scroll to the bottom of the following page

Also reference Hour Records via Wikipedia

Can anyone attempt the Hour Record?

Any qualified cyclist can attempt the Hour Record.   They will need to be very proficient at riding the track before doing an attempt.  They should first check the current record in their category, be it age, gender, and decide whether this is a record that they can surpass.

What are the rules governing the Hour Record?

The rules can be found on the UCI site. Click here

Is a starting gate used for record attempts?

Yes a starting gate must be used for record attempts.

How does the Milton velodrome compare to other velodrome where records are being set?

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is a combination of a high-performance indoor track cycling facility and a community recreation facility. The facility features a 250-metre timber track designed to meet requirements set by the International Cycling Union for international competitions. It is the same designation velodromes must attain to hold Olympic, Paralympic and elite world championships.

The Milton Velodrome is set at 195 meters above sea level (640 ft).

The average temperature in the month of August ranges from a high of 26 °C and a low of 18 °C.

Approximate Air Density 1.149 kg/m³

Barometric Pressure average:t 101.47 kPa

Humidity average: 69%

For more information and to help calculate speed for a given output taking into account air density, visit

What are the technical dimensions of the Milton velodrome? 

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is an indoor cycling facility located in Milton, Ontario, Canada.  The facility was build for the 2015 Pan American Games.  The velodrome is a UCI homologated, 250 metre track made of Siberian spruce timber with two 42-degree angle banks on the corners and 13-degree banked straight aways.

Where can I learn about travelling to and staying in Milton?

Visit our Accommodation Page

How may people are participating in the Day of The Hour?

The Day of the Hour will accommodate eight riders per day.



How do I qualify?

You must be able to ride a fixed gear track bike.  You must be certified to ride the Velodrome at which you plan to contest the Hour.  You must have a current UCI Track license.

How does one apply to contest the Hour Record?

Interested cyclists must apply to Cycling Canada. Register Here

When is the application deadlines:

In conjunction with Cycling Canada’s standard event application deadlines, any athlete wishing to make an official Hour Record Attempt will need to complete the relevant Application Form and return to Cycling Canada within the below stated deadlines:

  • For attempts to take place in August 2019, the application window is from October 1, 2018 to July 1st 2019 

What are the categories for the Hour Record?

There are three major categories for the Best Hour Performance or Hour Record:

  1. Elite Male & Elite female ( Note. Elite riders may choose to contest the overall Canadian (National) Hour Record or the World Record).
  2. Masters Male & Masters Female.  The following age categories, as noted blow
  3. Para Athlete Male, Elite and Masters.   Para Athlete Female, elite and masters.  The following age categories, as noted below.
30-34 50-54 70-74 90-94
35-39 55-59 75-79 95-99
40-44 60-64 80-84 100-104
45-49 65-69 85-89 105-109



How do I gain access to train at the Milton velodrome?

The Milton velodrome requires that everyone who rides the track is certified to do so.   If you are not already certified on the Mattamy National Cycling Centre - Milton Velodrome you are required to do so in advance of your Hour Attempt.  For information on how to get certified, visit the National Cycling Institute Milton at

How much does it cost to rent the track for “solo” training?

Solo training can vary in price.  To gain more information, contact the Mattamy National Cycling Centre – Milton Velodrome for details and pricing

Is it possible to arrange motor pacing at Milton?

Yes, solo Motor Pace rides can be organized the Milton Velodrome.  Please contact them directly at to organize a solo motor pace.  Click here

Alternatively, the National Cycling Institute Milton (NCIM) provides motor pacing classes.  Class dates and times can be found here

Can I use aero gear on the Milton Velodrome?

Yes, track times that are titled ‘Open Track’ are aero bar/gear legal.  All other track times, including the regular Drop In track session are not open to the use of aero bars.  To look up track schedule and time, click on the following link

Using your track membership, after you have been certified to ride, you can create an account through the Mattamy National Cycling Centre to view and register for Drop In (non aero bar) or Open Track (aero bar legal) sessions.

There are two ways to view the cycling drop-in schedule:

  1. Mattamy National Cycling Centre website: Under Participate, on the
  2. Town of Milton website

You can also rent the track for private session, at which you can use your aero gear.

What facilities are available to riders at the Milton Velodrome?

The Milton Velodrome is fully equipped with male/female change room lockers and showers.  There are bicycle lockers (which unfortunately are in extremely limited supply), and bike mechanics available throughout operating hours.

The facility itself has a fitness centre, indoor walking/running track, various fitness programs, drop in recreational sports such as badminton and basketball. For more information on the facility and its program, visit the following site

Do you recommend aerodynamic testing?

This will vary from individual to individual.   However, aerodynamics can be an important part of a record attempt.  ERO Pennsylvania is one source of aerodynamic testing. They can provide private aerodynamic testing and fitting session while riding at the Milton Velodrome.

More information can be found at the following link or for track specific Fit visit

Race Day Logistics

Is a starting gate used for record attempts?

Yes, a starting gate must be used for record attempts

How many people can assist (track side) for the Day Of The Hour?

Two.  One can assist with lap splits.  One can assist with the overall schedule

How are individual start times determined?

Schedule of start times will be posted closer to the event date.  We will try as much as possible to accommodate personal preferences.



Why does it cost so much to register?

Cycling Canada works with independent event organizers, in this case, the Day of The Hour and The Hour Team, to sanction Hour Record Events, whereby multiple hour records may be attempted during the same day(s). By registering for an Hour Record Event, riders benefit from the cost savings resulting from shared resources (officials, venue, etc.), additional promotion from event organizers, and experienced, knowledgeable event organizers. Hour Record Attempt event dates are outlined on the Cycling Canada application form, and open to application for all those wishing to make an attempt.

Current affiliated Hour Record Event organizers:

Event Date Event Location Website
Aug 24, 2019 Day of the Hour Milton, ON

Can I do the Hour Attempt on my own and not with Day of The Hour team?

Any athlete may make an independent Hour Record attempt outside of the the Day of the Hour event. Riders should be aware that independent attempts may incur additional costs as resources such as venue and officials will not be shared across various attempts on the same day. Similar to Hour Record Events, those riders wishing to make independent Hour Record attempts must complete and submit the Cycling Canada Application form, indicating the preferred attempt date, before the above-stated application deadlines. Following the application deadline, Cycling Canada staff will work directly with the applicant to determine available dates and fees related to the independent attempt.

PLEASE NOTE: Independent attempts may take place no earlier than 2 months following the application deadline.